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Subject/Keyword Phrase:  Personal injury settlement + car accident

Suggested Post Title: Getting a Personal Injury Settlement for a Car Accident

Description:  Outline the basics of what a person should know about a cases like this, and what to expect through each step of the process. No need to get into details, and you can use phrases like “typically,” “often,” or “you may experience…” to ensure you're not promising any certainties or specific outcomes.

Example posts: (The typeface on this one is miserably hard to read, I know! Just scan for ideas.)

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Civil rights violations

Suggested Post Title: Have My Civil Rights Been Violated?

Description:  Describe what exactly constitutes a civil rights violation, as well as what does not. You may want to include a list of questions the person should be able to answer or pieces of information you'll need to proceed. You can also outline what would be a criminal violation and not a civil rights issue.

Example posts:

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Personal injury lawyer

Suggested Post Title: How to Select a Personal Injury Lawyer

Description: Give a list of points to evaluate or questions to ask an attorney when looking for representation in a personal injury suit. Talk about how to evaluate experience and ask for a record of wins and losses. Include red flags to watch out for and how to avoid less reputable firms.

Example post:

You could incorporate this angle if you think it's relevant:

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Brain injury lawsuit

Suggested Post Title: Grounds for Filing a Brain Injury Lawsuit

Description:  Address the questions and concerns of someone who has experienced a traumatic brain injury. In theory, they might not be sure what types of incidents are actionable, how to make a claim, or why they would want to do so. The last three questions in this Q&A are a good starting point:

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Excessive force

Suggested Post Title: Getting Police Camera Evidence for an Excessive Force Lawsuit

Description: There has been a lot of news coverage including excessive force cases relying on dash cam and body cam footage. This post should address someone who feels they may have been the victim in an incident like this and is wondering if video evidence exists; if they or their lawyer can access it; and if they should bother proceeding as a legal matter. You can give a summary of the types of offenses that may be eligible (similar to the practice area page), and then a quick rundown of how you would go about accessing the video. You will want to work in mentions of “your lawyer can file a request” and this makes it clear legal counsel needs to be retained before any steps can be taken. You may also want to cite a recent local incident (, which gives you an outbound link to similar material (establishing relevancy in the eyes of Google), and an opportunity to fit geographic terms into the post, since this happened in Oklahoma.

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Personal injury law + Oklahoma

Suggested Post Title: Navigating Personal Injury Laws in Oklahoma

Description: Give a summary of state laws regarding personal injury. This is an opportunity to weave in nearby city names in some way. You may be able to cite examples of settled cases in those cities, or discuss differences in municipal law between Edmond and Oklahoma City. This is an opportunity to educate, but also add mention of city names in naturally to your copy. Include links to city government sites (anything with .gov would be great). These outbound links indicate to Google that you are trying to be informative about the cities you're discussing.

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Wrongful death lawsuit

Suggested Post Title: Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Description:  Create a list of the types of relations that could theoretically have grounds for a wrongful death claim. Spouses? Parents? Siblings? Extended family (aunt/cousin)? Live-in partner? Partner living separately? Business associates?

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Settle personal injury + self representation

Suggested Post Title: Tips for Settling a Personal Injury Claim Without a Lawyer

Description: The title may sound like something you don't want to promote. However, the idea here is to highlight the few instances where it's possible, but stress the difficulty and complication of going at it alone. The message here should be “You might be able to go to court and represent yourself, but you have a higher risk of losing or getting a much smaller settlement due to inexperience with the law.”

Example post:

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Proving slip and fall lawsuit

Suggested Post Title: How to Prove Fault in a Slip-and-Fall Liability Lawsuit

Description: In this post, we're hoping to find people researching whether they have a claim against a property owner for a slip-and-fall accident. This can be a list of conditions needed to establish fault, or simply some questions you would typically ask a client before filing a claim.

Example posts:

Subject/Keyword Phrase: Pay medical bills after car accident

Suggested Post Title: Medical Bills After a Car Accident: Who Pays?

Description:  Address the person who was the victim of a car accident and now has medical issues stemming from it. The accident may have been a day ago or a month ago, and the injuries and mounting costs are now becoming apparent. This person may be searching for an attorney or just trying to figure out how to get payment from the other individual's insurance company. The post should guide the reader in the direction of hiring an attorney, but start with some basic information on the first steps in the process and what paperwork/documentation will be needed.

Example post:

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