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Law enforcement officers and agencies deserve to be held accountable when they violate citizens’ rights and act without proper authority. When the government oversteps its bounds and wrongfully arrests someone, the victim can file a civil rights lawsuit to collect monetary damages.

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The Cotton Law Firm, PLLC aggressively represents victims of false arrest and other police misconduct in Edmond, Ok and throughout the state. Attorney Eric Cotton has extensive experience investigating and litigating civil rights cases and is prepared to fight for your liberty in court. When you need a false arrest lawyer with experience and compassionate, contact us and schedule your free initial consultation with Eric.

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False arrest occurs when someone is restrained without legal justification. Law enforcement officers are required to have sufficient probable cause or a valid arrest warrant to make an arrest. When they make an arrest on a whim, it may be a civil rights violation. The victim can file a civil lawsuit against the officer and police department.

Most false arrest and false imprisonment claims occur when the police arrest someone without obtaining a valid arrest warrant. Being wrongfully arrested for a crime you didn’t commit can be a traumatic and humiliating experience. Often added to the embarrassment are physical injuries that people sustain when taken into police custody.


The Cotton Law Firm, PLLC fights against law enforcement agencies that make unlawful arrests. If you are entitled to collect monetary damages for the harm caused by the incident, we will do everything possible to negotiate a fair settlement. Eric is an experienced litigator and is prepared to fight for your rights in the courtroom.

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