Make Sure You Have a Solid Will

Making sure you have a will in place is incredibly important. Even a very basic will can greatly help your family after your passing. If you need someone who can help create a basic will, then consider contacting us at The Cotton Law Firm. We can provide you with knowledgeable legal guidance and advice.

Create a Basic Will with Our Assistance

Basic wills are, as the name implies, simple documents that cover who will inherit your belongings. Basic wills can be created relatively quickly and may be a good choice for individuals who don’t have too many complications involving their estate. Our firm can provide you with a basic will for just $250. We offer same-day service (subject to availability) to better assist our clients with their legal needs. When you speak with us, we’ll go over how a basic will is created, what information is necessary, and other important topics. With us, you can be confident you’ll receive a solid document that will hold up after you pass.

basic will services

Learn More About How We Can Assist You

If you’d like to learn more about our services, then consider calling. A lawyer from our firm would be happy to speak with you about our services.

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